1 chat request

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1 chat request

The Consumer constructs an HTTP GET request to the Service Provider's User Authorization URL with the following parameter: OPTIONAL. The Service Provider MAY declare this parameter as REQUIRED, or accept requests to the User Authorization URL without it, in which case it will prompt the User to enter it manually. If successful, it generates a Request Token and Token Secret and returns them to the Consumer in the HTTP response body as defined in Service Provider Response Parameters In order for the Consumer to be able to exchange the Request Token for an Access Token, the Consumer MUST obtain approval from the User by directing the User to the Service Provider. The Request Token process goes as follows: To obtain a Request Token, the Consumer sends an HTTP request to the Service Provider's Request Token URL. The Request Token's sole purpose is to receive User approval and can only be used to obtain an Access Token.Bitdefender, a leading cybersecurity technology company protecting 500 million users worldwide and NETGEAR, Inc.

The Service Provider documentation specifies the HTTP method for this request, and HTTP POST is RECOMMENDED.

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The OAuth protocol enables websites or applications (Consumers) to access Protected Resources from a web service (Service Provider) via an API, without requiring Users to disclose their Service Provider credentials to the Consumers. If the User denies access, the Consumer MAY be notified that the Request Token has been revoked.

More generally, OAuth creates a freely-implementable and generic methodology for API authentication. To make sure that the User granting access is the same User returning back to the Consumer to complete the process, the Service Provider MUST generate a verification code: an unguessable value passed to the Consumer via the User and REQUIRED to complete the process.

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If the Consumer is incapable of automatic HTTP redirection, the Consumer SHALL notify the User how to manually go to the constructed request URL.

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