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Footwear 'Mojaris' or 'jootis' (leather shoes made up of camel, goat or sheep skin) are worn by both males and females.

Though camel leather is very soft and is only suitable to be worn inside the house, the shoes made up of goatskins and sheepskins are stronger and can be worn outside.

To create a camel suit from scratch, you'll need to expend some serious creativity.

People of royal families and upper class used to wear patka, 1 ½ m by 1m cotton cloth that was kept on the shoulders or worn around the waist to tuck in the weapons in the medieval days.

Now, it is no longer used and has become obsolete, though, one can still see Brahmins, which continue to put traditional dupattas on their shoulders.

Both of these types of organizations are staffed with highly creative people that have most likely, at one point or another, created a camel suit for a Biblical reenactment or play.

You may find that someone can provide you with plenty of ideas and solutions, and may even have a camel suit on hand they'd consider loaning for your special occasion!

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Shoes are pepped up with intricate embroidery done on velvet or brocade, which is pasted on the outer part of the shoes.

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