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Juzfit online dating

At the end, that promoter went to get a new piece for me but attitude is being very rude. I'm a customer not to say that a customer is always right but working as a front line service should not treat their customer like that especially when they are actually wearing metrojaya tag and representing metrojaya.No customer deserve this kind of attitude even it is a loyal one.But in the same time I was also lucky to met two Malay sale boy and girl who they willing to reserve the perfume for me as the Malay boy know me as a customer at one Utama and they serve me with good attitude not like the Chinese bloody face sale girl who will only chase away your customer....Not just being in time with what I hoped for, my guitar neck which had cigeratte burns from previous owner was all gone as well, it was like an entirely new neck. The handcraft is fantastic ~ The work and set up really meet my expectation...

Upon coming home and doing a further check, I realised there were a lot more creases behind the sleeves (unfortunately I did not notice this in the shop) and a slight one on the back.It is ridiculous that the colour of my skin in any way determines whether or not he/ she should come down to see me. I was asking politely where is the sale promoter for that particular brand and she just say she off, whatever you want is only at display.I am disgusted that the colour of my skin determines the kind of service I receive. But when I check with another promoter, she help me to ask back the promoter which being very rude to me.Hope you guys really do review worker attitude toward to their customer if not sooner or later metrojaya plaza pelangi will be less and less people going. I just learned that My news outlet is under touch and go retail.But when I visit for buying things and wish to pay by touch and go, the staff told me that I have to pay by cash because they do not receive payment by touch and go.

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