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A commission will now be established to examine how this Bill could be framed.

Currently they can leave the country for up to three days with no restrictions.

It was relying on previous European Court rulings which enshrine the human right to privacy.

It will mean offenders – such as former pop impresario Jonathan King, jailed for seven years for sexually abusing teenage boys – get the right to appeal against being on the register 15 years after their release from prison.

Supporters of the move say the Bill would help restore ‘common sense’ to judicial rulings.

The idea is to enshrine in legislation the principle of individual responsibility alongside rights – allowing courts to kick out vexatious claims by dubious individuals, such as serial litigants or criminals.

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But if he fails to deliver he will further enrage Tory MPs, who recently voted to reject a European Court ruling that prisoners should have the right to vote.