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Wasmuths lexikon der baukunst online dating

About the 10th or 11th century a new type of encyclopaedia began to emerge, probably stimulated by the growing number of language dictionaries that, starting well before printing was used, grew ever more numerous once they could be produced.

Neckham’s near-contemporary (“On the Characteristics of Things”) to bring to his readers’ attention the nature and properties of the things and ideas on which the early Christian Fathers and the philosophers had expatiated, but he forbore to comment on their writings, leaving his readers to form their own judgments.His were troubled times, and he felt justified in using much of his enforced leisure (he came to the throne at age two in 911 but was not allowed to rule until 945) to provide for the administrators and emissaries of his court the most useful extracts from the writings of a very catholic selection of authors, including the patriarch of Constantinople John of Antioch (John Scholasticus), the Roman historian Appian, the Greek historian Polybius, the Greek philosopher Socrates, the 5th-century Byzantine historian Zosimus, and many others.One of the unexpected by-products of this industry was the preservation of a large number of writings, a service that some of the other medieval encyclopaedias also performed.The last half of the 18th century, by way of the Enlightenment, brought such an upheaval in the human concept of the world that the time was ripe for further experiments in the form of the encyclopaedia.The French encyclopaedists Diderot and d’Alembert and their band of contributors broke no new ground in the physical format and arrangement of the encyclopaedia, but their work inspired the intelligentsia of other nations to produce really good encyclopaedias of their own.

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